Our Work

Guiding Principles

  • Strategies must include a comprehensive perspective, birth-12th grade, including youth and their families
  • The Project must include authentic parent and community voice in its planning and implementation
  • We must use evidence-based or evidence-informed practices wherever possible
  • Participants must engage in information-based decision-making, using both quantitative and qualitative data to test assumptions and develop strategies.
  • Our work must be measurable and report results
  • We must work together to solicit funding, engage in outreach activities and maintain healthy workgroups
  • In additional to supporting WCP place based model we will recognize and utilize opportunities for shared regional learning and efforts

Cradle to Career Road Map

The Westbrook Children’s Project has identified community-level outcomes across key academic transitions along the cradle to career education continuum that contribute to the achievement of our shared vision and goals.

It is the belief of the Westbrook Children’s Project that schools alone cannot graduate students ready for success. Parents, youth, and community partners are paramount to this work and play a particularly important role. To this end, parent and youth engagement is both a key strategy utilized to achieve our goal and an integral component of the partnership.


Continuous Improvement

Our work groups operate within a system of continuous improvement: focusing efforts on student need; harnessing school and community resources; emphasizing prevention and problem solving to improve outcomes; and using data to drive decisions.