We envision a community that is prepared for a prosperous future by supporting all young people in Westbrook from cradle to career.

Westbrook Children’s Project

Learning doesn’t begin or end in the classroom. Transforming children into educated, independent adults is the job of the entire community. The Westbrook Children’s Project is a powerful partnership of schools, parents, youth, businesses, community organizations, and residents. It engages the entire community in supporting the whole child before, during, and after school so they can graduate from high school ready for success.

Our Goals

The project has five goals to ensure that all young people graduate from high school and successfully transition to their next step.

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Guiding Principle

Partners come together to support efforts around a shared agenda, agreed upon goals, and shared measurement systems.

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Continuous Improvement

Work Groups are charged with developing, furthering, and implementing proven strategies focused on specific target measures.

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